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Innovative classicism

Ferrari F12berlinetta, unprecedented performance

It was at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show that the Maranello-based manufacturer presented its most powerful and high-performance 12-cylinder road car to date: the F12berlinetta, a bold and sleek coupé with a transaxle architecture.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta, a demonstration of the most advanced level of front mid-engine sports cars, boasts extraordinary engine and part efficiency (in terms of mechanics, combustion and fluid dynamics) and cutting-edge aerodynamics and controls to provide a unique driving experience.

An experience that can be relived thanks to the "Ferrari Approved" pre-owned programme.

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  • Type 65° V12
  • Total displacement 382.13 cu in (6262 cc)
  • Maximum Power * 545 kW (740 CV) at 8250 rpm
  • Maximum torque 690 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • Compression ratio 13.5:1
* Engine power is expressed in kW, in accordance with the International System of Units (SI) and in CV (1KW= 1.3596216 CV). With dynamic overboost
  • Length 181,8 in (4618 mm)
  • Width 76,5 in (1942 mm)
  • Height 50,1 in (1273 mm)
  • Dry weight ** 3362,0 lb (1525 kg)
  • Kerb weight ** 3593,5 lb (1630 Kg)
  • Weight distribution 46% front, 54% rear
** With lightweight options
  • Maximum speed over 340 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h 3.1 sec
  • Fuel Consumption - Urban** 21,9 l/100km
  • Fuel Consumption - Extra Urban** 10,9 l/100km
  • Fuel Consumption - Combined** 15,0 l/100km
  • CO2 Emissions - Urban** 513 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - Extra Urban** 256 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - Combined** 350 g/km
** with HELE system (ECE + EUDC)   *** The values of fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. The fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures refer to the NEDC cycle

Ferrari F12berlinetta, a record-breaking V12

The V12 65° engine with 6262 cm3 displacement has a certified maximum power of 740 hp (118 hp/l specific power) and a maximum torque of 690 Nm: 80% of this is already available at 2500 rpm with a constant surge of power all the way up to the 8700 rpm limit.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta engine is coupled with the F1 dual-clutch transmission with close ratios specifically developed for the high-performance nature of this car. Excellent weight/power ratio: 2.1 kg/hp.

Ferrari F12berlinetta, an aluminium triumph

The Ferrari F12berlinetta boasts a space frame chassis and a bodyshell with 12 different aluminium alloys (some used in the automotive sector for the first time) and is created using a range of assembly and joining technologies.

All of this combined has boosted torsional rigidity by 20% whilst reducing the overall weight to 1525 kg (70 kg less than the previous V12 coupé), with perfect weight distribution (54% at the rear).

Ferrari F12berlinetta, innovative aerodynamic solutions

Intense testing in the wind tunnel, supported by computational fluid dynamic simulations, has provided the Ferrari F12berlinetta with double the aerodynamic efficiency of its predecessors: downforce (123 kg at 200 km/h) has increased by 76%, while drag has been significantly reduced (Cd of 0.299).

These results were also achieved through the introduction of a highly innovative solution called the Aero Bridge, which, for the first time, uses the car's bonnet to create downforce, diverting air flow from the upper part of the car to the sides and also interacting with the wake from the wheels. Aerodynamic efficiency is also optimised with the use of Active Brake Cooling, or rather cooling doors on the brake air ducts which only open if brake operating temperatures are high enough.

Ferrari F12berlinetta, technology and performance of the highest level

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is fitted with a carbon-ceramic braking system (CCM3), advanced magnetorheological damping system (SCM-E) as well as fully integrated E-diff, ESC, F1-Trac and performance ABS electronic vehicle dynamic controls.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds and can complete a lap of the Fiorano track in 1:23. Exceptional performance is accompanied by unique driving pleasure thanks to quicker turn-in and higher entry speeds on bends, as well as a dramatic reduction in braking distances and less steering input at the wheel.

Check the availability for the F12berlinetta in Vaughan

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