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F430 Spider

Created by Pininfarina in collaboration with Frank Stephenson

Ferrari F430, perfect synthesis between performance and elegance

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005, the F430 Spider remains a current and harmonious interpretation of the aggressive performance and unique elegance that has always distinguished Maranello's open-top cars.

The F430 Spider, like the coupé version, stands out for its high level of technological transfer from the world of Formula 1. We can see this in the presence of the electronic differential and the ‘manettino' on the steering wheel, which allows the driver to adjust the driving functions as quickly and effectively as possible.

The lack of a roof in a spider has always made it necessary to design the car for maximum structural rigidity without a significant weight increase. With its carefully reinforced body, entirely in aluminium, the Ferrari F430 Spider provides the same performance and safety levels as the F430, and in its certified pre-owned version, represents an interesting solution for anyone wanting to enjoy the excitement of open-top driving to the sound of a Maranello V8.

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  • Type 90° V8
  • Total displacement 262.9 cu in
  • Maximum Power 360.3 kW (490 CV) at 8500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 465 Nm (343 lbft) at 5250 rpm
  • Compression ratio 11.3:1
  • Overall length 177.6 in
  • Overall width 75.7 in
  • Height 48.6 in
  • Dry weight * 3130 lb
  • Kerb weight * 3351 lb
* European market version
  • Maximum speed over 193 mph
  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 4.1 s
  • Fuel Consumption 15.2 l/100 km
  • CO2 Emissions 345 g/km
** Combined cycle with HELE system (ECE+EUDC)

All the experience in Formula 1 in the V8 of the F430 Spider

The Ferrari F430 Spider is equipped with a high performance, lightweight, compact transverse V8 engine. This was achieved on the back of the motoring know-how developed by Gestione Sportiva in the era of Ferrari's successes in F1 in the 2000s.

The F430 Spider's engine boasts a maximum power of 490 hp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 465 Nm at 5250 rpm, 80% of which is already available at 3500 rpm.

Visible rear-mid engine, despite the soft top

The Ferrari F430 Spider boasts an absolutely distinctive feature for the time: it is the only car with a foldable roof that can combine a complex automatic top with a rear-mid engine, keeping the engine visible.

This is possible thanks to a folding roof system that uses materials designed for compact storage. The roof can be fully opened or closed in just 20 seconds.

Aluminium technology at the service of the chassis

The chassis of the F430 Spider also takes full advantage of the aluminium technology that allows a great structural rigidity and excellent standards of protection for the occupants, without 'damaging' weight increases. The reinforced door structure, the internal elements of the wings close to the door and the positioning of the collapsible armrest, together with a new, more enveloping seat, make for excellent safety standards in side impact tests without the use of side airbags.

The pleasure of driving in the open air in full comfort

During the wind tunnel testing of the Ferrari F430 Spider, particular emphasis was placed on the analysis of the airflow inside the cabin. The F430 Spider boasts aeroacoustic comfort that even allows a pleasant conversation between driver and passenger at high speeds, something achieved by the careful analysis conducted on the distribution of speed and pressure on the occupants of the cabin, made possible by experimental techniques and fluid dynamic calculations.

Check the availability for the F430 Spider in Vaughan

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