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Ferrari California 30

A car with a dual soul

Ferrari California 30, less weight, more power

At the Paris Motor Show in March 2012, the Maranello-based company unveiled the Ferrari California 30, a lighter version of the much-loved Ferrari California presented in 2008.

The Ferrari California 30 is a GT convertible with a foldable hardtop. Indeed it is a car with a dual soul: coupé and spider. The 30-kg weight reduction and 30 hp power hike compared to the California, make for sportier driving, without however losing any versatility.

And the Ferrari Approved pre-owned programme makes it still possible to drive this car.

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  • Type 90° V8 with direct fuel injection
  • Bore and stroke 3.70 x 3.05 in (94 x 77,4 mm)
  • Unit displacement 32.75 cu in (537 cm3)
  • Total displacement 262.22 cu in (4297 cm3)
  • Compression ratio 12,2:1
  • Maximum power * 360 kW (490 CV) at 7750 rpm
  • Maximum torque * 505 Nm (372 lbft) at 5000 rpm
* With 98 octane-rated petrol
  • Overall length 179.6 in (4562 mm)
  • Overall width 75.1 in (1909 mm)
  • Height 52.0 in (1322 mm)
  • Wheelbase 105.1 in (2670 mm)
  • Dry weight 3593 lb (1630 kg)
  • Kerb weight 3825 lb (1735 kg)
  • Weight distribution 47% Front - 53% Rear
  • Maximum speed 194 mph (312 km/h)
  • 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) 3.8 s
  • Fuel consumption 13.1 l/100 km
  • CO2 emissions 299 g/km
** Combined cycle (ECE+EUDC) with HELE system

Launch Control for an F1-style start

The Ferrari California 30's 4297 cm3 V8 front-mid mounted engine represents the ideal balance between maximum power and elasticity at all rpm. With a maximum power of 490 hp and a maximum torque of 505 Nm at 5000 rpm, with 75% already available at just 2250 rpm, the Ferrari California 30 takes just 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. This is also thanks to the innovative Launch Control, the new traction control device that provides maximum acceleration during stationary starts.

The engine sound has been carefully developed to add the emotional component so important for driving pleasure. Particular attention has been paid to the sound quality in the cabin both when the car is open and closed, without compromising acoustic comfort.

Style at the service of aerodynamics

The aerodynamic and stylistic development of the Ferrari California 30 were closely coordinated. The final result is an extremely low drag coefficient in relation to the downforce need for the best vehicle dynamics. Thus, in coupé configuration, the Ferrari California 30 boasts a Cd of 0.32. The shape of the rear air extractor with step and the wing integrated in the front bumper, came out of a search for the perfect balance between downforce and drag. The reduction in drag, as well as increasing the car's aerodynamic efficiency, also translates into lower fuel consumption.

Top-level sports driving with the F1-Trac control system

The Ferrari California 30 is equipped with the exclusive F1-Trac traction control system introduced for the first time on the 599 GTB Fiorano and further optimised. This system also allows the less experienced driver to make the most of the car's potential in terms of cornering performance, safety and stability, and can estimate the maximum available grip thanks to continual monitoring of the relative speed of the wheels. Using a model of the car's dynamics stored in the control system, the F1-Trac optimises its behaviour by intervening in the delivery of engine torque. The result is an average 20% increase in acceleration out of corners compared to a traditional control system, greater stability and ease of driving even in sports driving.

Ferrari California 30 Handling Speciale

For anyone who wants an even more dynamic driving experience, the California 30 is also available, in the Ferrari Approved pre-owned version, with the optional Handling Speciale equipment, which includes magnetorheological shock absorbers managed by a faster control unit (50% quicker response time), stiffer suspension springs for more precise control without compromising driving comfort, and a new steering box for faster cornering.

Check the availability for the Ferrari California 30 in Vaughan

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